Revealed: New App Helps Illegal Immigrants Track Border Patrol and Police

Something like this was bound to happen, but the implications are downright disturbing. It’s amazing how liberals and Democrats love having a country of laws when they can exploit special interest groups and wield power over others, but for border control they smugly disregard the and endanger our country.

App developers have created an app allowing users (aka Mexican drug cartel coyotes) “real-time info about the best immigration routes to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border”, writes Latin Times.

Called ‘Bienvenidos’, the app runs on an encrypted platform that transmits data on ‘efficient routes and entry points, Border Patrol agents, drones, ground sensors, where hidden cameras are located, and weather and animal hazards.’

People who sign up for the app must complete a “preliminary review process,” and using a US government-issued email address in the sign-up process, including Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, will be denied access.

In a YouTube video since made private, Bienvenidos’ anonymous creators describe their app as the “world’s first community-based navigation app for migration.”

The app is not just applicable to Mexico and the United States, but the “United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and Netherlands.”

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